Given the rate new technologies emerge and advance, precision engineering is assuming an even more important role in powering success and ensuring competitiveness of industries across the spectrum. As a manufacturer and solutions provider in the precision engineering sector for more than two decades, we have designed, fabricated, assembled and delivered complex components for cutting-edge machinery – it is this commitment to making high accuracy and low tolerances work seamlessly that Camei is known for and trusted by our customers. Exceeding our customers’ expectation is the norm rather than the exception. With major world economy drivers such as the oil and gas, automobile, medical and semiconductors industries keep pushing the frontiers, the demand of mechanical properties becomes even more exacting -- the structure becomes more complicated, and the mission more challenging. We stay ahead of challenges by constantly challenging ourselves to provide the newest equipment, latest technologies, best practice and most qualified people. Exceptional quality, the DNA in our operations, is what makes us a respected business partner to our satisfied customers, every step of the way. Moving forward, we are committed to working hand in hand with the industries to unlock potentials and opportunities by way of world-class precision engineering.